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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Cleaning Wonder of the World

Microfiber I the last one in the world to learn about these things or are they just a really well kept secret? I know this is a random way to start my "stuff I love" blog but these things are really incredible. These plain, soft cloths are the most versatile things I've ever seen. Totally dry they pick up dust you didn't even know was there (without any kind of cleaning spray at that). Slightly damp and they are streak-free mirror and glass cleaning machines. They clean grease off stoves, fingerprints off stainless steel...heck they even get loose fur off my dog. Throw them in the wash and they come out good as new and ready to take on the next cleaning disaster. They're awesome! And the best part...they're cheap. Ok not as cheap as a cut up old t-shirt but the money you'll save in all those random cleaning products will buy you a lifetime supply of these things.

I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but since my obsession with them, I've seen them everywhere from infomercials to Try it...I promise you won't be sorry!

In the beginning... I decided to start this blog after watching this year's episode of Oprah's "Favorite Things" show. For those unfamiliar with it, every year for the last several Oprah does a show dedicated to all her favorite stuff and everyone in the studio audience gets one of everything on the list. But we're not talking just normal stuff here...there is some serious loot on that list. People walk out with everything from Burberry coats to diamond Cartier watches! Well my list isn't nearly as swanky (probably because my life isn't nearly as fabulous as Oprah's) but I love to try new and different products and occassionally I come across one that is so fantastic I want to tell everyone I know about it. Hence my blog :)

You'll probably never see a Cartier watch on my list, what you will find is everyday useful stuff for our everyday lives. I love stuff that let's me get things done easier and faster. I love finding new, creatives uses for things. And of course, as a girl, I love just plain ole' cute stuff. And while I'll try to keep my thoughts somewhat organized, I have a feeling this blog is going to become quite a hodge podge of stuff I love! And if there's stuff you love and can't live without, please share! Some of the best "staples" in my life have been recommendations from others!